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The Code for Sustainable Homes

Here at Sol2o we work hand and hand with architects, consultants and some of the UK's biggest house builders and contractors to achieve specific levels of the code by installing single or multiple renewable technologies. Our breadth of experience and expertise along with our flexible approach means we can guide you through the options available to gain the points total you require.

Sustainability report

On 1st May 2008 it became mandatory to have a code rating for all new homes in England. The Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) measures the sustainability of a new home against nine categories of sustainable design, rating the 'whole home' as a complete package. The Code uses a 1 to 6 star rating system to communicate the overall sustainability performance of a new home. The Code will provide valuable information to home buyers, and offer builders a tool with which to differentiate themselves in sustainability terms.

Each level represents an increasing reduction of carbon emissions, for example, Level 1 requires a 10% reduction of the Target Emission Rate (TER), Level 3 requires a 25% reduction, and Level 6 requires a 100% reduction and is deemed a ‘zero carbon' structure.
Under the new Code of Sustainable rules, your local Planning Officer is likely to demand that your Planning Application complies with one of the 6 levels mentioned above. Many Local Authorities have set a minimum requirement of Level 3 on all applications. It is anticipated that most Planning Applications will require a full Design Stage CSH Assessment at planning submission stage. CSH assesses the sustainability of individual dwelling types against the specific design categories. These categories include water efficiency, energy efficiency, surface water management, waste management, pollution, ecology, health and wellbeing. The Code will provide valuable information to home buyers, and offer builders a tool with which to differentiate themselves in sustainability terms.

CSH introduces new mandatory levels of carbon emission reduction, arranged as 6 levels:
Level 1 = 10%
Level 2 = 18%
Level 3 = 25%
Level 4 = 44%
Level 5 = 100% / Carbon neutral
Level 6 = 100% even considering ancillary equipment/plug-ins

Code for sustainability

Depending on the technology selected, renewables can be an extremely effective way of reducing carbon emissions.

For example, a standard photovoltaic installation can reduce CO2 emissions by over 30% on a typical 3 bed end of terrace house built to Part L 2006 standards. With the Code for Sustainable Homes requiring a CO2 reduction of 25% for Code Level 3, or 44% for Code Level 4, an installation such as this makes a huge contribution to CO2 reduction targets.

The Code is a points-based system and the required reductions in CO2 emissions, whether through passive measures or the installation of renewables, will earn you points towards your Code Level (5.8 points for Code Level 3, and 9.4 points for Code Level 4). However, if you have achieved your reductions using renewable energy, then further points are awarded; 1.2 points if 10% of energy demand is met through renewables, or 2.4 points for 15%.

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