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Reduction in CO2

It is widely accepted that the UK's current levels of dependence on fossil fuels is unsustainable. According to the Energy Saving Trust, buildings are responsible for almost 50% of the UK's energy consumption and carbon emissions. This CO2 is changing our climate and damaging the environment.

Under the Kyoto protocol and the Climate Change Bill the UK is under pressure to reduce carbon emissions by 26% in 2020 with a long term reduction of 80% by 2050.

In order for the UK to achieve this, the government are introducing several measures to generate greater awareness of energy efficiency, promoting the necessity to reduce carbon emissions. Examples of these measures are;

The introduction of EPC's and DEC's increasing the pressure for buyers, tenants and the public for higher energy efficient buildings, whilst cutting carbon emissions.

The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), which will begin in April 2010. This is a UK mandatory cap and trade scheme proposed to cut carbon emissions by 1.2 million tonnes of carbon per year by 2020. The CRC is targeting large non-energy intensive private and public sector organisations within the UK, whose combined electricity use half hour metering exceeds 6,000 MWh per year. Organisations will have to devise a carbon abatement strategy, consider energy efficient measures, monitor, assess and manage their carbon emissions.


To do an initial assessment of your current carbon emissions please click here. Sol2o are here to help you take action on reducing these emissions and can carry out an Energy Assessment on your property or building. Please contact us on 0800 2800 020, or click here to register with us.

Sol2o have highlighted below 10 easy steps to reducing your CO2 emissions in your property.


So follow these easy steps to save you energy, money and prevent climate change!


  • Turning your thermostat down 1oc will cut your heating bill by 10% saving around £50 per year, as well as cutting down on CO2 emissions.
  • Replacing old incandescent light bulbs with low energy ones is ten times more efficient and could save you up to £60 over the lifetime of the bulb.
  • Try to close your curtains at dusk to stop heat escaping through windows, and check for draughts around windows and doors.
  • Always turn light off when you leave a room.
  • Make sure your cylinder thermostat is set at no more than 60oc/140of.
  • Only boil the water that you need.
  • Fill up the washing machine or tumble dryer. One full load is more efficient than two half loads. Or better still dry your clothes on a washing line if you can.
  • Fix any leaky taps, and make sure they are turned off correctly.
  • Don't leave appliances on standby, and don't charge laptops and mobile phones unnecessarily.
  • Have an Energy Audit carried out by one of our energy consultants here at Sol2o, which could save you up to £300 per year on your fuel bills.


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