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Sol2O helps found North East Renewables Alliance (NERA)

Sol2O is proud to announce that it is one of the founding members of North East Renewables Alliance (NERA).

NERA has been set up under auspices of the Energy Savings Tust to ensure that North East companies supplying green energy solutions can collectively fulfil any large renewable installation projects that can not be met by a single supplier.

Steve Wigham, Head of Operations, at Sol2O, said the formation of NERA was designed to ensure that potential projects were not lost to national installation companies or from other regions.

"We're thrilled to be one of the founding members of NERA, because it means that if any out of the ordinary contracts to install micro-renewable projects come up we can offer North East customers a North East supplier."

Each of the 12 founding members is accredited under the Micro Certification Scheme (MCS), which means customers are assured suppliers and the systems they install meet a series of robust, high quality standards."

Steve added "We're anticipating that some big renewable projects are going to come up shortly - now we've got a high quality, accredited alliance in place to meet the requirements of the job."

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