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Energy Saving

Here at Sol2o we are committed to helping you save money and energy whilst cutting down on the amount of CO2 you may create. Below are ten energy saving measures that can help you reap the rewards both financially and environmentally:

1. Insulating your loft is one of the simplest ways to save money. You could save around £150 per year by insulating an empty loft space as well as 300 kg of CO2 each year.

2. Insulating cavity walls reduces heat loss and will save you around £110 per year on your fuel bills. You will also save around 690kg of CO2 per year.

3. Look to eliminate draughts and retain heat in your home by sealing floorboards, windows and doors as well as small keyholes. You could save £25 on your bills and around 130kg of CO2.

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4. Replacing your old incandescent light bulbs with low energy light bulbs. Fitting these throughout your property will save you around £35 per year and up to £600 over the lifetime of all the bulbs.

5. Insulating your hot water tank with a 75mm jacket will pay for itself within months. It could save you around £30 per year and a CO2 saving of around 200kg.

6. Insulating your pipes is again a very cheap but effective way to save money. This will save you around £10 per year on your fuel bills and 60kg of CO2.

7. By replacing an old inefficient boiler to a new condensing one, you could be saving a third on your heating bills. The Energy Saving Trust estimates you could save up to £235 each year and reduce your CO2 emissions by 1300kg.

8. Installing double-glazing will cut heat loss by 50%. It will save you up to £130 on your heating bills and around 720 kg of CO2 each year.

9. When buying new appliances look for the Energy Saving Logo and you can save up to £55 per year.

10. If your still not sure where your weak points are in your home, you should contact Sol2o who can carry out an Energy Audit of your property which could save you up to £300 per year on you fuel bills.

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