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At Sol2o we care passionately about providing the right low carbon solutions for homes, businesses and communities.

Sol2o is subsidiary of the John N Dunn Group, a Building Services company. The John N Dunn Group have been in business  for over 100 years and have  a strong specialism in plumbing, heating, electrics and low carbon solutions.  Being part of the Group allows Sol2o to offer you a 'one stop shop' for your requirements.

For more information on John N Dunn group visit their website here.

Expertise which is second to none

As you would expect after 100 years in the business our installers are highly trained and professional. All of our Engineers are accredited.  All of our products undergo the most stringent quality control procedures and checks before they arrive at your home or business.

You can safely choose Sol2o because we really do care about you and the environment.



News - Envirohomes


A terrace house in North Shields, which was chosen as one of 87 pilot schemes nationwide, has been transformed into a carbon friendly home and is estimated to cut carbon emissions by around 80%.

The house, which was stripped back to bare brick walls, was officially opened today as part of the £16m UK-wide Retrofit for the Future scheme, organised by the Government's Technology Strategy Board.

Measures introduced to the house on Cardonnel Street, in the 'Triangle' area of North Shields, include heating the house using renewable energy sources, increasing insulation in the walls, floors and roof using Vacuum Insulation Panels to retain heat in the house and using highly efficient kitchen appliances which use minimal amounts of electricity.

Sol2o, a leading local green building solutions company and a division of John N Dunn Group, completed the installation of a 5 panel Solar PV (1kWp) system and a 3 panel Solar Thermal system that will convert solar power into electricity and will provide heat for the property‘s domestic water heating system.  
Commenting on the opening of the Cardinal Street property, David Bilclough, Chairman of John N Dunn Group, said;
“With energy bills and carbon reduction at the forefront of everyone’s mind, it is important to show how energy bills and carbon emissions can be reduced and this property can be used as an example as to how future homes should be constructed. We can learn a lot from projects like this and we are hopeful that it will prove a success and encourage others to take a lead when it comes to renewable energy.

Monitoring of the use of the technologies will be carried out using a state-of-the-art 'EnviroLogic' system, giving the occupants all the information they need to be ultra energy efficient.

For instance, if the heating is on while a window is open, the system will flag up the wasted energy so the occupants can take action to save energy - and money.

With social housing making up 4.5m of the UK's 25m homes, improving the carbon output from those homes could make a massive contribution to the nation's target - and any resulting installation work would provide jobs for contractors.

The Retrofit for the Future scheme aims to make a big contribution to the UK's commitment to cut CO2 emissions by 80% over the next 40 years - as well as helping cut social tenants' energy bills.

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